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Olive's was founded in 1992 on Prince Street in Manhattan's historic SoHo arts district. We had a very simple mission when we opened: to provide the people in our neighborhood with high quality, freshly prepared food to take away. We realize that many of our SoHo neighbors lead busy lives, and have little time in the middle of the day to linger over a long lunch, but we believe that they still deserve the type of delicious food you normally expect when dining out in a nice restaurant.

Olive's chefs are all classically trained, and enjoy coming up with new and innovative menu items. Our menu changes with the season and features daily specials but always includes fresh and wholesome salads, inventive sandwiches, hearty soups, and homemade baked goods.

The neighborhood may have changed around us, but the lingering good spirit of Olive, the Portugese water dog the store is named for, and the consistently good food we serve remain the same.